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Company description

Services de recrutement et sélection

Etes-vous un CEO, COO ou CIO et cherchez-vous des talents pour accélérer vos projets?

Nous recrutons pour vous pour des fonctions permanentes et pour du service de consultance. Nous recrutons pour des fonctions Techniques ainsi que des fonctions de Vente & Marketing.

Principale spécialité

Manufacturing Intelligence & Predictive Analytics
(Big Data, predictive maintenance, smart scheduling)

Knowledge Management & Design for Manufacturing
(3D product-process design, 3D printing, PLM, flow simulation, e-learning, digital working instruction, paperless factory, automation of knowledge work, advanced materials)

Agile & Operational Excellence Mindset
(digital, mobile and visual performance management and KPI, streamlined and automated processed, flexible organization, digital & lean manufacturing behaviors, frugal innovation, Just In Time, new business models)

Vertical & Horizontal (Software) Integration
(with suppliers, customers, partners and within the company between machines and systems, remote expertise platform, cloud technology, cybersecurity)

Smart (Hardware) Sensors & Actuators
(collaborative, self-learning and autonomous robots, automated guided vehicle, RFID, Internet of Things, augmented reality, virtual reality, pick by beam, mobile internet, Camera)

Pour toute question ou suggestion, contactez-nous: +32 474 513 184 ou

Contact Information

+32 474 513 184


Job proposition
Ingénieur Automaticien
Hainaut, Automationjob

Function : Ingénieur automaticien

Skills : Automatisation industrielle , Programmation d'automates-PLC , Allen-Bradley , Siemens S7 , Proficy iFix HMI/SCADA , Rockwell supervision , Programmation VB , Protocole de validation en Pharma

Sector : Industrie pharmaceutique

Automation Engineer
Hainaut, Automationjob

Function : Automation Engineer

Skills : Industrial Automation , PLC programming , Allen-Bradley , Siemens S7 , Proficy iFix HMI/SCADA , Rockwell supervision , VB programming , Pharma validation protocols

Sector : Pharmaceutical Industry

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